• Publication date: June 28, 2010

Final Round

A motorcycle mechanic and a former professional football hopeful compete in a televised death match.

  • Publication date: June 28, 2010

Final Round

Program data

Duration: 75

Production Year: 1994

MBC 2:

March 16, 2012 02:45 (KSA) ~ March 16, 2012 01:45 (CLT)

Tyler Verdiccio (Lorenzo Lamas) is a motorcycle mechanic by day, but a middleweight kickboxer by night.  One day while working out, an attractive onlooker named Jordan (Kathleen Kinmont) invites Verdiccio to her favorite bar for a date.


At the bar Lamas' character gets into an unavoidable fight, and is inadvertently noticed by Jon Delgado (Anthony De Longis), a bookie who manages a televised death match.  Tyler wakes the following day in a warehouse with another fighter dubbed 'Mad Dog' (Clark Johnson); both men must survive Delgado's booby-traps and hidden assassins or else die trying.


Directed by: George Erschbamer




  • Kaaren de Zilva
  • Lorenzo Lamas
  • Mike Mitchell
  • Ed Anders
  • Kathleen Kinmont