• Publication date: June 11, 2012

Fade to Black

Orson Welles travels to Italy for a movie shoot, where he is entangled in murder.

Danny Huston portrays famed director and thespian Orson Welles during his professional decline, following a turbulent and highly publicized divorce.  Without a major studio backing him, Welles is desperate to finance his upcoming film adaptation of Othello, and so he accepts a part in a second-rate Italian flick.


While shooting the picture actor Dellere (FranoLasic) collapses mysteriously on stage, with his final words being 'Nero.'  Welles alongside his bodyguard, a former police officer named Tommaso (Diego Luna) are intrigued by the case, and decide to investigate.  In the process they unexpectedly stumble into organized crime, espionage, and quite possiblytheir own deaths.




  • Danny Huston
  • Diego Luna
  • Paz Vega
  • Christopher Walken


Directed by: Oliver Parker