• Publication date: December 9, 2009

Envy Envy

Tim Dingman and Nick Vanderpark are neighbors, friends and coworkers who commute together ...

Tim Dingman and Nick Vanderpark are neighbors, friends and coworkers who commute together everyday to their dull job at a sandpaper factory. They drive bland, older economy cars and wear lackluster, off-the-rack suits. While Tim is generally content, believing that life by nature is boring and unfulfilling, Nick relentlessly searches for the American dream. In his case this means a bulletproof get rich quick scheme. After a number of harebrained ideas Nick finally believes he has struck gold. His invention is none other than Vapoorize (emphasis on ‘poo’), a liquid spray that causes dog excrement to magically – well, vaporize. As an added bonus the spray also works with other animals, and presumably humans as well. Yet there is one catch: Nick needs some extra cash to realize his dream, and hopes Tim will buy a 50% share in the endeavor. Despite being Nick’s close friend Tim is naturally skeptical and declines his offer, based on the premise that creating such a spray would be impossible. Not long after Nick begins producing his own infomercials for the product. Against common expectations the spray actually works, and becomes an incredibly profitable product. The once meager factory worker now owns a luxurious mansion and, in an attempt to remain loyal to his working-class roots, builds it directly across from best friend Tim in the same middle-class neighborhood. Despite Nick’s newfound wealth he still remains a generous and jovial guy. He invites Tim and his wife, Debbie to dinner, buys them gifts, and never devalues their long friendship. But Tim remains bitter, unbeknownst to Nick, and Vapoorize’s growing success only adds fuel to Tim’s jealousy and hatred. To make matters worse Debbie regularly stares at the Vanderpark estate from her window, furious at her husband for passing up the opportunity of a lifetime. Tim’s envy eventually triggers his complete demise. After a squabble with the boss at work he is fired, heads to the bar, and begins drinking heavily. It is at the bar that he meets J-Man, depicted by the king of supporting roles, Christopher Walken. J-Man, a free-spirited remnant of the flower power era befriends Tim and soon becomes his drinking partner and confidant. Will a newfound, even less fortunate friend end Tim’s jealousy? Perhaps not, but it will lead to a number of entertaining incidents. “Envy” is rated PG-13 for language and sexual/crude humor.