• Publication date: February 18, 2010

Enigma Enigma

Enigma is an action film about a young genius frantically racing against time ...

Enigma is an action film about a young genius frantically racing against time to crack a WWII enemy code while trying to solve the mystery surrounding the woman he loves. Tom Jericho is a gifted mathematician who is working with the British government on the development and maintenance of the Enigma machine, an electronic device that allows Allied intelligence agents to decode scrambled messages sent by Germany military officers. But the emotionally fragile Jericho is buckling under both the pressure of his work and the collapse of his relationship with Claire Romilly, a co-worker with whom he's fallen deeply in love. After suffering a minor breakdown, Jericho is sent on a leave of absence, but when he returns to work, a crisis awaits: it seems the Germans have instituted a new code that the Enigma is not yet able to crack, and Jericho is needed to help unravel Axis communiqu├ęs before an important convoy of troops and materiel sets sail. It is also suspected that a German undercover agent has infiltrated the Enigma project, and Wigram is determined to ferret them out. In the midst of all this, Jericho receives troubling news that Claire has gone missing -- and that a file of German messages waiting to be decoded was found at her home. As Jericho works against the clock to crack the new German code, he forms an initially uneasy alliance with Hester Wallace, Claire's roommate and a fellow member of the Enigma project, as they try to discover Claire's whereabouts. Enigma is based on the true events surrounding the breakthrough in Intelligence Technology during WWII. This movie is rated R for a sexuality and language.