• Publication date: August 28, 2011


This film is the second part of series of Al Lambi films as ...

This film is the second part of series of Al Lambi films as the main character has the same name. These films are about a good hearted young man who lives with his mother in a very humble house. He takes drugs as the only way to escape his reality and to be able to deal with a society that is causing him depression and frustration. He is still taking money from his mother. He has a funny way of speaking and very particular way of moving around. He was sentenced to few years in prison for possession of drugs and after a while attempts to escape. The prison officer Riyad Al Manfalouti, who happens to look similar to him, was involved in car accident as he was chasing Al Lambi – both men are badly injured. The doctor at the hospital tries to help one of them at least so she starts performing an organ transplant to save at least one of them – by accident she mixes the body of Riyad Al Manfalouti and the brain of Al Lambi. After leaving the hospital Al Lambi took the place of Officer Riyad at home and at work the very thing that got him involved in so many problems that are funny.