• Publication date: June 26, 2010

Dumb & Dumber When Harry Met Lloyd

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd is the sequel to the 1994 ...

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd is the sequel to the 1994 smash Dumb and Dumber but this time audiences are taken back to 1986 as Harry and Lloyd are just entering high school. In a stroke of luck, or lack thereof, the two bump into each other on the first day – literally. The collision results in Lloyd chipping a tooth on Harry’s rock solid forehead, and also a lifelong friendship. Once at school the boys get acquainted with some of the other students, including a bully named Turk who gives the duo a massive wedgie while running them up a flagpole. This catches the eye of Principal Collins who, alongside girlfriend and cafeteria worker Ms. Heller, is plotting to steal a $100,000 in grant money to spawn a special education program. There's one problem however: the school is seemingly free of special needs children, at least until Harry and Lloyd arrive. Luckily, for Principal Collins and Ms. Heller the boys appear and make their dream come true. Better yet, Collins asks Lloyd and Harry to recruit other school idiots to ensure the program has a healthy launch, and that their fraud is a success. But the guys are not able to find anyone who legitimately fits the bill, and so they begin, albeit unintentionally, targeting students seeking an easy ride until graduation, including a reluctant Turk. Ms. Heller relinquishes her culinary duties and, despite a lack of qualifications, becomes the program's head teacher. This gravy train must eventually come to a halt though, and investigative school newspaper reporter Jessica is hot on the principal's trail. Before unearthing the school's hoax however, Harry and Lloyd will battle for girls far out of their league, and fall into numerous uncomfortable situations – including one involving chocolate. Dumb and Dumberer's soundtrack includes the camp masterpiece Ice Ice Baby, alongside eighties staples like Eye of the Tiger and Devo's Whip It. Though the picture was not as successful as its predecessor, it did earn close to $40 million at the box office, recuperating its $19 million budget and then some. Olsen and Richardson’s roles earned them a Teen Choice Award nomination for Choice Movie Chemistry. Rating: Rated PG-13 for crude, sex-related humor and harsh language.