• Publication date: January 22, 2018


In this 1997 action and martials arts cult classic, Mark Dascasos plays a bionically-enhanced Toby Wong, who has escaped the Red Army and the Hong Kong firm which created the technology implanted in him, and is looking to sell the technology to a private firm in California…

  • Publication date: January 22, 2018


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1997

MBC 2:

September 4, 2013 05:00 (KSA) ~ September 4, 2013 04:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) In this 1997 action and martials arts cult classic, Mark Dascasos plays a bionically-enhanced Toby Wong, who has escaped the Red Army and the Hong Kong firm which created the technology implanted in him, and is looking to sell the technology to a private firm in California.

Trouble is, Vic Madison and his henchman Hedgehog are on his trail, looking to kill him before he can deliver the technology. They catch up with Toby at a bar, forcing Toby to get struggling songwriter, Malik Brody, to drive him from LA to San Francisco in exchange for half the money from the deal…


  • Mark Dascasos as Toby Wong
  • Kadeem Hardison as Malik Brody
  • John Pyper-Ferguson as Vic Madison
  • Brittany Murphy as Deliverance Bodine
  • Tracy Walter as Hedgehog
  • James Shigeta as Mr. Lau
  • Masaya Kato as Advanced Model
  • Ron Yuan as Razor Scarred

Directed by:  Steve Wang

Rating:  R for strong violent content and language.