• Publication date: January 20, 2014

Drillbit Taylor

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Three kids hire a low-budget bodyguard to protect them from the playground bully...

  • Publication date: January 20, 2014

Drillbit Taylor

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2008

MBC 2:

March 25, 2014 18:30 (KSA) ~ March 25, 2014 17:30 (CLT)

Homeless veteran Bob 'Drillbit' Taylor manages to enjoy life anyhow and even saves some cash for his dream, an 'all-paid' move to Alaska.

His dream comes within reach when clever nerd Wade, has fat friend Ryan 'T-dog' and cocky shrimp Jim, all new to junior high-school, are bullied so badly by emancipated Filkins and his buddies that they advertise for a bodyguard.

Only Drillbit seems affordable and not crazy, so he's hired and drains their pocket-money and home content.

He's clueless how to protect them but gives them bogus self-defense classes


  • Owen Wilson
  • Leslie Mann
  • Stephen Root
  • Danny McBride
  • Nate Hartley
  • Josh Peck
  • David Dorfman
  • Troy Gentile

Directed by: Steven Brill

Rating: PG-13 for crude sexual references throughout, strong bullying, language, drug references and partial nudity