• Publication date: December 2, 2009

Dreaming of Joseph Lees Dreaming of Joseph Lees

Samantha Morton (of Minority Report fame) depicts Eva, a young lady living in ...

Samantha Morton (of Minority Report fame) depicts Eva, a young lady living in Somerset, England during the 1950s. When she’s not nursing her Alzheimer's stricken father (Frank Finlay), she works as a secretary at a local furniture factory. Eva’s knowledge of what lies beyond Somerset’s borders is limited; life in the county could just as easily resemble the 1850s as the 1950s. Her vision of life outside the county is provided through the tales of one man, her second cousin, Joseph Lees (Rupert Graves). Joseph is a well-traveled geologist whose career takes him to Africa, and later Italy. In an unfortunate turn of events Lees’ leg is crushed while he is working at a stone quarry, slowing his treks across the globe. Years pass but Eva cannot forget Joseph’s tales of the world and more importantly, however, Joseph set the bar for Eva’s spousal expectations, both intellectually and physically, very high. While her cousin’s achievements are inspiring, finding a man of equal sophistication in Somerset is unlikely, where a woman’s dream guy might be a pig farmer, not an academic. So when Joseph makes a surprise visit to attend a funeral, Eva is ecstatic, and against her father’s wishes, quickly reconnects with him. Sadly, the young lady has recently entered a common-law relationship with Harry (Lee Ross), a blue-collar Romeo who fancies Eva to the point of obsession. Though wedding vows are yet to be exchanged, a sense of unfaithfulness lingers as the two cousins mingle around town, outside of Harry’s view. Nevertheless Harry senses that something more than childhood friendship exists between Joseph and Eva, and jealousy begins to brew, and he is possibly justified with his jealousy. Although Eva sleeps beside Harry at night, she is with her cousin all day, leading to an eventual standoff between the two men. "Dreaming of Joseph Lees" was rated as R due to some scenes containing sexuality