• Publication date: June 15, 2010

Dragon Steel Dragon Steel

Fans of The Lord of the Rings will no doubt enjoy Knights of ...

Fans of The Lord of the Rings will no doubt enjoy Knights of Bloodsteel, a fantasy adventure that packs some of the trilogy’s key elements. Though the made for television film did not have its cousin’s big budget, it still manages to deliver a similarly intriguing story, in addition to great props, special effects, and dialogue. The story is set in the imaginary world of Mirabilis, whose inhabitants’ main source of energy is an increasingly scarce material called bloodsteel. Obtaining additional supplies of bloodsteel is seemingly impossible, especially since its exact origin is uncertain. An inevitable shortage of the material prompts an attempt to conserve what is left of the bloodsteel, and use it only for the most necessary purposes. An evil villain named Dragon Eye (Mark Gibbon) has other plans however, and along with his forces, plans to go to war with Mirabilis and seize what remains of its energy source. Fortunately, his attempt will not be without opposition. Tesselink (Christopher Lloyd), a wise elf, recollects an ancient prophecy; in it, four individuals are assembled to save Mirabilis from disaster. With this in mind he gathers John Serragoth (David James Elliott), a vigilante; Perfidia (Nattassie Malthe), a skilled hunter; a telepathic goblin named Ber-lak (Dru Viergever), and finally Adric (Christopher Jacot), a young swindler. Together these four form the Knights of Bloodsteel and begin their search for the Crucible, an object that will allow the people of Mirabilis to create an unlimited supply of energy. There are a couple caveats though, namely that the Crucible may not actually exist, since it is only mentioned in folklore. Secondly, if it does exist Dragon Eye will want it too. With time running out the Knights race Dragon Eyes’ crew for the Crucible, while Mirabilis’ fate lies in limbo.