• Publication date: March 19, 2010

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Bruce Lee is introduced to the study of martial arts as a child ...

Bruce Lee is introduced to the study of martial arts as a child living in Hong Kong by his father; the father dreamed that a demonic armored dragon would take his son from him, and wanted young Bruce to be able to protect himself. Bruce continues his training as he grows to adulthood, and after the cocky teenaged Lee seriously injures a prominent British citizen while fighting a gang of troublemakers at a dance, he's sent to San Francisco. While working as a dishwasher, Bruce begins to study philosophy, and in time develops a personal martial arts discipline, Jeet Kune-Do, which blends Kung Fu fighting techniques with lessons gained from his philosophical research. Bruce decides to open a martial arts academy on the advice of his fiancée Linda; Linda and Bruce encounter resistance as a mixed-race couple, especially from Linda's mother Vivian, and Bruce earns the enmity of traditional Chinese martial arts experts for his new style. But after a strong showing in several public tournaments, Bruce's fighting skill and charisma attracts the attention of TV producer Bill Krieger. Bruce is cast as Kato, the karate-trained sidekick on the series The Green Hornet, and while the show is short-lived in America, it's a huge success in Asia, leading to a series of films based around Bruce's remarkable fighting skills. With the rise of his career, everything is going well for the kung-fu master/actor. But can he fulfill what his father had in mind for him, protect his son from the demon. The film picked up a Political Film Society USA Award.