• Publication date: May 26, 2011

Dor Dor

The film is about two women who come from different backgrounds and how ...

The film is about two women who come from different backgrounds and how fate brings them together. Zeenat is an independent Muslim woman living in Himachal Pradesh. She agrees to marry Amir Khan, her boyfriend despite his parents' reservations. After their marriage, her husband leaves for Saudi Arabia to begin with a new employment. Meera, a simple Rajasthani Hindu woman, has everything in her life in accordance with customs and traditions: her formative years, her recent marriage into a traditional Rajasthani family and her daily chores within the walls of her haveli. Coincidentally, her husband is also away to Saudi Arabia, his new workplace. Meera finds it tough without her husband, Shankar, but they manage to stay in touch despite the geographical distance. Shankar regularly kept sending his wages back home so as to support his family that included his father, Randhir Singh, mother, Gowri Singh, his paternal grandmother and his wife, Meera. One day, Meera does not find the periodic remittance from Shankar. Time passes by and when there are neither any further remittances nor any correspondence from her husband, Meera gets worried. When frantic inquiries are made, she is devastated to know that Shankar was killed in a freak accident that was allegedly caused by his Muslim roommate. The companionship that develops between Meera and Zeenat results in redemption for both.