• Publication date: March 5, 2012

Don't Look Back

Hollywood drug dealers travel to Texas in search of stolen cash and its thief.

  • Publication date: March 5, 2012

Don't Look Back

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1996

MBC 2:

March 12, 2012 04:45 (KSA) ~ March 12, 2012 03:45 (CLT)

Jesse Parrish (Eric Stoltz) is a drug-addicted, struggling musician who relocated to Hollywood in search of glamour and possibly a big break.  Instead he robbed a dealer named Marshall (Billy BobThorton) who not only wants his money back, but revenge for Jesse's betrayal. 


Parrish flees Hollywood and escapes to his hometown: Galveston, Texas.  Marshall's henchmen are in tow, but are they capable of defeating Jesse's gang of small town childhood friends?


Directed by: Geoff Murphy



  • Eric Stoltz
  • John Corbett
  • Josh Hamilton
  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • Annabeth Gish