• Publication date: November 18, 2009

District 13 District 13

Set in the year 2004, District 13 transports viewers six years into the ...

Set in the year 2004, District 13 transports viewers six years into the future. Following the continued deterioration of Parisian ghettos, French authorities have decided to isolate some of the city’s worst areas, granting its toughest thugs and drug lords complete ownership and control. Walls surround these various districts, and no one enters nor exits without explicit permission. Devoid of basic utilities such as running water, electricity, or proper medical care, each resident of District 13 must fend for his or her own survival. The district’s most notorious crime boss is Taha Bemamud (Bibi Naceri), who keeps a tight grip on the local drug market. One man named Leïto (David Belle), however, uses his street knowledge and physical prowess to keep Taha’s goons from conquering the housing project where he resides. When Leïto intercepts and destroys a large drug shipment, hence preventing it from reaching his neighbors, Taha immediately seeks revenge. Soon Leïto learns that his sister, Lola (Dany Verissimo), has been kidnapped. Wasting no time he infiltrates Taha’s hideout, rescues his sister, and captures the crime syndicate’s leader. Foolishly the district’s sole vigilante takes Taha to the police, who rather than apprehend him sets him free, admitting that his henchmen outnumber and overpower law enforcement. Adding insult to injury, the officers jail Leïto and return Lola to her capturer. Six months later Leïto is approached by an undercover officer named Damien Tomaso (Cyril Raffaelli), who is desperately seeking Taha. Intelligence reports suggest that the crime boss has obtained a nuclear weapon, which he will eventually use to obliterate inner-Paris. Only one man can assist Tomaso in preventing this catastrophe: Leïto, a master of street acrobatics known as parkour and a fearless enforcer of justice with a proven track record.