• Publication date: February 1, 2012


A mentally ill man wrongfully accused of murder is taunted by the true culprit.

David Randall (Darren Kendrick), a schizophrenic, was implicated in a murder he did not commit.  Before his innocence was proven, he spent two years locked in jail.  Now he's free, but the murderer responsible for the previous killing has returned, and he intends to slay David.


When Randallseeks help from the police however, they suspect that his claims are merely rants of a mentally ill man who is off his medication.  Slowly they begin to question whether or not he may be a threat to those around him.  Is he truly in danger, or just hallucinating?



  • Darren Kendrick
  • Lauren Seikaly
  • Sean Eager
  • Alan Samulski
  • Beth Benjamin