• Publication date: March 23, 2014


A group of student in detention after school find themselves trapped and hunted by a crazed killer called Cinderhella.

  • Publication date: March 23, 2014


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2011

MBC 2:

October 25, 2015 01:00 (KSA) ~ October 25, 2015 00:00 (CLT)

A comedy horror American film revolving around a group of student at Grizzly Lake High school, the action of the film kicks in when one of the student is savagely murdered by a costumed killer, dressed as Cinderhella, a character from a popular horror movie. Everyone around campus is a suspect, and an investigation is under way. However when the students are kept in detention after school, they soon realize that they are trapped with the Killer, as they start to fall one after the other. Now their only hope is to forget their differences and must band together using all their resources in order to survive the ordeal. What follows is a claustrophobic tense adventure filled with laughs, scares, all wrapped up in a fast paced thriller to keep you glued till the credits roll out.


  • Shanley Caswell as Riley Jones
  • Josh Hutcherson as Clapton Davis
  • Spencer Locke as Ione Foster / Sloan Foster
  • Dane Cook as Principal Karl Verge
  • Aaron David Johnson as Sander Sanderson
  • Walter Perez as Elliot Fink
  • Erica Shaffer as Sloan Foster
  • Yves Bright as Mr. Kendall
  • Parker Bagley as Billy Nolan
  • Tiffany Boone as Mimi
  • Alison Woods as Taylor Fisher
  • Lindsey Morgan as Alexis Spencer
  • Jonathan "Dumbfoundead" Park as Toshiba
  • Travis "Organik" Fleetwood as Gord
  • Marque Richardson as Toby T.
  • Will Wallace as Doug Jones

Directed by: J. S. Cardone

Rating: R