• Publication date: July 12, 2013


As Dr. Westlake immerses himself in providing a cure for burn victims through creating an artificial skin, his lab is ransacked by criminals, and left for dead following the explosion they caused. Yet an experimental treatment saved his life and made him impervious to pain…

  • Publication date: July 12, 2013


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1990

MBC 2:

July 17, 2013 02:45 (KSA) ~ July 17, 2013 01:45 (CLT)

As Dr. Westlake immerses himself in providing a cure for burn victims through creating an artificial skin, his lab is ransacked by criminals, and left for dead following the explosion they caused. Yet an experimental treatment saved his life and made him impervious to pain, amongst other things; like super-strength, a disfigured body and a highly flammable temper and fits of fury…


  • Liam Neeson s as Peyton Westlake / Darkman
  • Frances McDormand as Julie Hastings
  • Colin Friels as Louis Strack Jr.
  • Larry Drake as Robert G. Durant
  • Nelson Mashita as Yakitito
  • Jessie Lawrence Ferguson as Eddie Black

Directed by:  Sam Raimi

Rating:  R.