• Publication date: February 3, 2012

Dark Reel

An actor gets his first role in a low budget film, and it's a 'killer.'

Adam (Edward Furlong) moved to LA hoping to launch an acting career in horror films.  He gets his first big break in a movie with fright divaCassie Blue(Tiffany Shepis) and things look promising -- at least until a crazed murderer begins exterminating its cast members. 

Detectives LaRuleand Shields (Rena Riffel and Tony Todd) are on the set searching for the killer, but the culprit may not even be human.  The spirit of an actress murdered 50 years prior is haunting the set, but her reasons for killing, or who will be the next victim remains unknown.


  • Tiffany Shepis
  • Lance Henriksen
  • Edward Furlong
  • Mercedes McNab
  • Alexandra Holden
  • Tony Todd