• Publication date: April 23, 2010

Dance with Me Dance with Me

Puerto Rican pop sensation Chayanne plays the young and handsome Rafael Infante, a ...

Puerto Rican pop sensation Chayanne plays the young and handsome Rafael Infante, a Cuban man mourning the recent death of his mother, who goes to Houston to meet his father John Burnett for the first time. In Houston, John, who was a close friend of Rafael’s mother, offers Rafael a janitorial job at his dance studio, and lets him stay in the modest apartment above but John does not know he is in fact Rafael’s father and Rafael still does not have the courage to tell him. Meanwhile the beautiful and talented dance student at the studio, Ruby, continues to decline Rafael’s attempts to start a romantic relationship. For Ruby, men are an unnecessary obstacle on her path to dance stardom. As the dancers prepare for an upcoming dance competition in Las Vegas, John who is reaching his final years, struggles to find meaning or satisfaction in life, and seems uninterested in his rundown dance studio. Aside from that, he is alone in the world without a male successor, at least to his knowledge, or spouse. While other characters search for a sense of importance in their lives, Rafael seems to be slowly constructing his own. Witnessing dance floor acrobatics at the studio rekindles his past interest in dance, putting his early training in ballet to practical use. Can Rafael win the heart of the woman he adores and confront his father with the truth and will he get the chance to strut his stuff at the biggest dance competition of his life? The film’s soundtrack is peppered with high-energy Latin tracks, in addition to American favorites by the likes of Roy Orbison, Jackie Wilson, Aretha Franklin and many more.