• Publication date: November 29, 2013

Dance Flick

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The Wayans Brothers parody the dance film genre with no mercy.

  • Publication date: November 29, 2013

Dance Flick

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2009

MBC 2:

September 26, 2015 17:30 (KSA) ~ September 26, 2015 16:30 (CLT)

Dance Flick parodies films from the recent onslaught of dance-related pictures such as Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard, and Step Up. 

The lead character is Megan White, a suburbanite dancer who has just relocated to the city. 

She wants to reenter the world of competitive dancing, but needs an inspiring partner.

That's where Thomas enters the picture, a seasoned hip-hop dancer who owes $5000 to an obese gangster. 

He teams up with Megan to enter an upcoming competition, and teaches her smooth urban moves that will hopefully earn them both first place ranking.


  • Damon Wayans, Jr.
  • Shoshana Bush
  • Essence Atkins
  • Shawn Wayans
  • Marlon Wayans
  • Brennan Hillard

Directed by: Damien Dante Wayans

Rating: PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, and language