• Publication date: September 22, 2010

DOA: Dead or Alive

Contestants from around the word compete in a life or death kung-fu championship.

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2006

MBC 2:

April 30, 2017 23:30 (KSA) ~ April 30, 2017 22:30 (CLT)

Each year the gruelingDead or Alive games are held on a remote island, void of all laws.  Dr. Donovan (Eric Roberts) arranges the event, a morally dubious scientist who uses the tournament to evaluate his top-secret nanotechnology.  Four women have been selected to compete, each with different objectives.

The prior year Kasumi (Devon Aoki) lost her brother to an inexperienced fighter, and suspects foul play.  Subsequently, she has come to avenge Kasumi's death.  In parallel,Maximillian (Matthew Marsden) and his girlfriend, Christie (Holly Valance)intend to steal the $10 million cash prize.  


  • Jaime Pressly
  • Holly Valance
  • Sarah Carter
  • Devon Aoki
  • NatassiaMalthe