• Publication date: October 7, 2009

Cursed Cursed

A psychic at a carnival gives a reading to two girls. She mentions ...

A psychic at a carnival gives a reading to two girls. She mentions the words 'death' and 'soon', but Jenny and Becky laugh it off. Moments later Jenny can't seem to find Becky anywhere. Driving around Los Angeles, Ellie is picking her brother up from a party. Since her parents died she's been taking care of Jimmy. On Mulholland Drive an animal flashes across the windscreen and Ellie swerves and slams into another car. Jimmy is sure that what he saw was a werewolf. The girl inside the car they hit is none other than Becky. They try to help her out, but the animal returns to claw and scratch both Ellie and Jimmy and walk away with Becky for dinner. Disbelieving what she thinks she saw, and Jimmy's conviction that what attacked them was a werewolf, Ellie tries to move on with business as usual, but more and more signs and symptoms start to surface, leading both to accept that what they have encountered was indeed a werewolf. Now they must try to find out why the monster chose not to kill them as they found out that by scratching them they have become cursed; no longer plain humans and not fully werewolves. They will have to research the rules and laws of the wolf-kind and grasp them in order to find the wolf that scratched them and kill it, if they hope to lift the curse. Forced to water down the gore and horror elements by producers, Wes Craven was unhappy with being told to produce a cut with an MPAA rating of PG-13. In the end he concluded the project, with someone else producing the edit. The edited version grossed $19 million in North America. This movie is rated PG-13 rating for horror violence/terror, sexual references, nudity, language and drug reference.