• Publication date: July 14, 2009

Connie and Carla Connie and Carla

Since childhood Connie (Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding notoriety) and ...

Since childhood Connie (Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding notoriety) and Carla (Toni Collette) have aspired to become popular singers. Now in their thirties, the two girls work for measly tips in a Chicago airport lounge, still convinced that their big break will eventually come. While the future of the girls' careers remains uncertain one thing is for sure: the following days will be far from monotonous. The wannabe divas' underachieving boyfriends, Al (Nick Sandow) and Mikey (Dash Mihok) repeatedly tell their mates to throw in the towel. Despite discouragement Carla and Connie's boss, Frank (Michael Roberds) enjoys their presence at the lounge – even considering the audience's lukewarm reception. In particularly depressing times, when the ladies themselves even doubt their future as performers, their club gig keeps the songstresses in high spirits. Connie and Carla's world is changed forever one night, when they inadvertently witness drug lords Rudy (Robert John Burke) and Tibor (Boris McGiver) assassinate Frank from afar. Rather than remain quiet and wait for the thugs to leave, they instead panic and begin yelling; naturally Frank's killers are intent upon slaying the murder's sole witnesses. The fact that the ladies unintentionally steal a kilo's worth of Rudy and Tibor's cocaine doesn't help matters. With the mobsters on their tail Carla and Connie dump their boyfriends and drive to Los Angeles. Once there they search for work as cabaret singers but are initially unsuccessful. By chance, however, they enter a West Hollywood club filled with female impersonators – otherwise known as drag queens. That's when the two concoct a plan to disguise themselves as males, dressed as females and apply as performers at the small establishment. Not only are they hired, but they become customers' favorite act, distinguishing themselves from other performers who merely lip-sync tunes. All is well until Al and Mikey start working for Rudy, and accidentally reveal Connie and Carla's new location. Soon the mobsters are headed to LA and ready to off the two. Meanwhile Connie is placed in an awkward dilemma when she meets Jeff (David Duchovny), a straight man who she has the hots for. In order to hook up with him, however, Connie would have to reveal her secret, thus not only putting the girls' safety at stake, but also their lucrative new jobs. The picture's soundtrack features songs by 60s rock group Steppenwolf and the soulful sounds of Peaches and Herb.