• Publication date: June 28, 2012

Cold Harvest

A twin brother must protect his pregnant sister-in-law from a post-apocalyptic desperado.

After a meteor strikes earth a dust cloud obscures the sun, causing a deadly disease to spread throughout the world.  A few individuals have survived the catastrophe however.  Oliver Chaney (Gary Daniels) and his pregnant wife, Christine (Barbara Crampton) are among that select group, whose immune systems have developed a natural antibody to the disease.


Chaney and Christine are en route to a colony comprised of other survivors when an outlaw named Little Ray (Bryan Genesse) kills Oliver.  Now Oliver's estranged brother, Roland (also portrayed by Daniels) must protect Christine and ensure her safe passage to the colony as Ray pursues them.




Directed by: Isaac Florentine


Rating: Rated R for strong, pervasive violence and brief sexuality.