• Publication date: July 14, 2013

Coffin Rock

Frustrated at her husband’s refusal to seek medical help for their inability to have babies, Jessie is surprised to find a drifter, Evan, at her house when she comes home one night after drinking. Weeks later she is pregnant and her husband is spreading the good news around town, which gets to Evan…

  • Publication date: July 14, 2013

Coffin Rock

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2009

MBC 2:

July 21, 2013 02:30 (KSA) ~ July 21, 2013 01:30 (CLT)

Frustrated at her husband’s refusal to seek medical help for their inability to have babies, Jessie is surprised to find a drifter, Evan, at her house when she comes home one night after drinking. Weeks later she is pregnant and her husband is spreading the good news around town, which gets to Evan. Convinced he may be the father, he will stalk and intimidate Jessie as his capacity for violence becomes more apparent


  • Lisa Chappell as Jessie Willis
  • Robert Taylor as Rob Willis
  • Sam Parsonson as Evan
  • Joseph Dei Re as Benny
  • Terry Camilleri as Tony
  • Geoff Morrell as George

Directed by:  Rupert Glasson

Rating:  Not Rated.