• Publication date: September 27, 2009

Chaos Chaos

The events of the film start during a hostage incident on a stormy ...

The events of the film start during a hostage incident on a stormy night, when inspector Quentin Conners accidentally shoots dead both the criminal and his hostage, a young woman. The victim's being shot dead receives major media attention and the police force swiftly suspends Conners. Some time afterwards, Lorenz and four other heavily armed criminals with sophisticated gadgetry take hostages in a bank. They only want to negotiate with the suspended Conners, who is immediately reinstated with full powers. Together with the young inspector Shane Dekker, whom he doesn't regard highly, Conners takes charge of the crime scene. After an explosion, in which hostages aren't killed, but are let loose, the criminals flee using the ensuing panic and chaos. Later it turns out that a computer program has been installed that transferred one billion dollars: on average 100 dollars from each of 10 million accounts. While working on the few leads and trying to stay out of each other's face, both Conners and Dekker come to believe different theories. While Conners feels certain the robbery has something to do with the bridge shooting, other than that he sees no other pattern to the chain of events and resorts to the police routine of searching human leads and questioning them. While Dekker senses a design to all the chaos, based on Edward Lorenz's Chaos Theory - where seemingly chaotic and unrelated happenings are believed to be linked to each other in a way that is very calculated and systematically being carried out by the one who knows the entire picture. As the two detectives work together and begin to respect each other, they both realize that they must work together and help each other out, if they are to get to the end of the chaotic tunnel of events. And as they start their hunt for the truth, they also come to realize that they themselves are being hunted and played with, by the one who see the pattern in this Chaos. The production budget of this film amounted to US$ 20 million.