• Publication date: October 20, 2010


The film follows a woman who is trapped overnight on the London Underground ...

The film follows a woman who is trapped overnight on the London Underground after falling asleep and missing the last train. Kate is a high living German model living it up in London. When a female friend bails out on her at a party, they were going to sneak into a bash for George Clooney, she rushes into the street to catch up with her. Failing to grab a cab, Kate rushes to catch the last train from the Underground subway, but she falls asleep on the platform while waiting for it. Waking up she finds herself locked in the station. Later, a train going to the depot stops at the platform. She boards the train and she meets her acquaintance Guy, who tries to sexually assault her in the underground car. Guy is attacked and killed by a creature, and Kate leaves the train through the tunnel. After an unexpected brush with violence, at the mercy of the mysterious killer, who haunts the Underground tunnels, Kate manages to escape. This is the beginning of her claustrophobic, scary and gory night running through the London Underground. As the train grinds to a stop in the pitch black tunnels of the London Underground, Kate realizes that she is not alone in the darkness and if she has any hope of surviving until dawn she'll have to fight for her life against an unimaginable horror too terrifying for the light of day. Fleeing for her life, Kate meets a young homeless couple, Jimmy and Mandy, and together they try to survive the twisted creature that is hunting them. The film was first shown at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and also featured at the London Fright Fest. This film is rated R for strong bloody horror violence, language, some drug use and sexual content.