• Publication date: September 11, 2009


Hope is a single mother is trying to get back on the dating scene. She comes back home and takes a peek at her daughter.. then wakes up in the woods, a captive and slave to The Man.

A psychopath chooses his victims by dating them. He then places them in tests to see which of the women have the will to survive.

Hope is a single mom who is just back on the dating circuit. After returning home and falling asleep, she wakes up in the middle of the forest at the mercy of The Man. When she survives her test The Man keeps her at his side as companion and slave. How will Hope survive till the final twist in the tale, as she bears witness to the tests this maniac will put his woman victims through?

Shot on an 8,000 Euro budget, this independent has all the makings of a carefully-crafted classic.

Starring :

  • Nadja Brand
  • Eric Colvin
  • Abbey Sterling


Directed by : Simon Boyes and Adam Mason

Rating : R for violence and language.