• Publication date: September 2, 2009

Bringing Down the House Bringing Down the House

Peter Sanderson is a typical suit and tie, workaholic attorney who (unsuccessfully) juggles ...

Peter Sanderson is a typical suit and tie, workaholic attorney who (unsuccessfully) juggles his career and family life. His wife, Kate is unable to dismiss Peter’s lack of commitment, both to her and their young children. As Peter attempts to win back Kate’s love, he begins searching for female companionship on-line, conversing with a supposed blonde bombshell with the screen name “LawyerGirl.” Believing he has met his perfect match, Peter and LawyerGirl eventually meet. However Peter is shocked when he discovers that his blonde beauty is in fact an outspoken African-American named Charlene Morton, who has escaped from prison and is demanding legal assistance. Furious at Charlene’s deception, Peter kicks her out of the house and attempts to cease all contact. Yet Charlene is persistent and insists that she was wrongfully convicted of a bank robbery and desperately needs Peter’s help. With some reluctance, and after Charlene places him in some embarrassing situations, Peter agrees to take her case. While Peter has no romantic interest in the convicted robber, his lawyer buddy Howie Rottman is a different story. The pasty, skinny, white guy has a fixation for big black women, and pursues Charlene with blunt pick up lines whenever possible. Meanwhile, Charlene becomes a member of the family in her own right, assisting Gregory with reading and – after a few drinks, Peter with his repressed sexuality. “Bringing Down The House” was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award, an MTV Movie Award, and a Teen Choice Award. It earned a hefty $164 million worldwide, not including DVD sells and rentals. Its soundtrack features popular artists such as Foxy Brown, Barry White, Lil’ Wayne and more. This movie is rated PG-13 for language, sexual humor, and drug material.