• Publication date: September 14, 2009

Big Momma's House 2 Big Momma's House 2

Martin Lawrence is back to play Malcolm Turner, an FBI agent relegated to ...

Martin Lawrence is back to play Malcolm Turner, an FBI agent relegated to a boring desk job. Despite the lack of action in his daily routine, Malcolm is happy with the change of pace, especially since he can spend more time with his wife, Sherry Pierce. That changes when Turner discovers that his former partner, John Maxwell was killed during an undercover sting. He pleads with his superiors to take on his friend’s murder, but the request is denied. Still in possession of Big Momma’s disguise Malcolm gears up and begins a clandestine pursuit for justice. Maxwell was murdered while investigating a case involving military intelligence specialist Tom Fuller, an individual that federal authorities believe has created a malicious computer virus that can compromise FBI and NSA computers. Even more problematic is Fuller’s intent to sell the virus to terrorist organizations. In order to foil Fuller’s plans Turner must devise a way to enter the family’s home. Fortunately Leah Fuller, the house matriarch is in search of a nanny. Big Momma, along with a number of other applicants apply for the job. However, since the other applicants are also federal agents, Turner reveals to Mrs. Fuller that each of them are carrying weapons. Subsequently the other candidates are deemed unacceptable and Big Momma lands the job. Once inside the home Big Momma has to tackle unruly children, cook, clean and also obtain a computer password in order to gain more information about the virus. At first she has a difficult time, and is at one point almost fired. However with time Big Momma and Mrs. Fuller become close friends, even accompanying Emily to her favorite spa and the beach. Can Big Momma clean house and save the country simultaneously? “Big Momma’s House 2” was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award and earned a whopping $138 million at the box office. This movie is rated PG-13 for some sexual humor and a humorous drug reference.