• Publication date: January 18, 2010

Beyond the Sea Beyond the Sea

Beyond the Sea is a biopic of fifties and sixties American musician, actor, ...

Beyond the Sea is a biopic of fifties and sixties American musician, actor, and teenage heartthrob Bobby Darin. , who also portrays Darin in the film. One of America's greatest performers, Bobby Darin lived a rags-to-riches life. He worked his way from shady nighclubs to his dream destination, The Copacabana, where he wowed crowds. He was a marvel at singing, songwriting, and performing - stealing the hearts of fans everywhere despite the suffering in his own heart. Darin’s rise to stardom from a poor Italian neighborhood in New York and commitment to success is inspiring for any viewer. Left with a bad heart after a childhood fever, Darin nonetheless seeks out the high-pressure world of stardom, performing every number like his life depended on it. Along the way up the ladder, he falls for virginal Hollywood starlet Sandra Dee but their problems are many, including Dee's domineering stage mom and the constant demands of their respective careers. Through it all Darin keeps reinventing himself, going from Elvis-style rocker to Vegas crooner, and even becoming a long-haired '60s folkie. Death dogs his heels every step of the way, but it only serves to fuel Darin's artistic fire, and Spacey uses this dramatic velocity to catapult his obviously inspired performance. Spacey saw something in the Darin life story with which he deeply identified, because he plays the role with gusto. The cabaret scenes have the sizzle of a moon-bound rocket--the deconstructive plot device being that Darin is making this film from the afterlife, or "beyond the sea." This movie is rated PG-13 due to some strong language and sensual scenes.