• Publication date: November 24, 2013


When the devil realizes Elliot’s love for Allison, she draws up a contract for Elliot to sign away his soul in exchange for seven wishes. All Elliot’s wishes are designed to get him closer to Allison- yet for some loophole his dreams keep slipping away…

  • Publication date: November 24, 2013


Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 2000


currently not on air

When the devil realizes Elliot’s love for Allison, she draws up a contract for Elliot to sign away his soul in exchange for seven wishes. All Elliot’s wishes are designed to get him closer to Allison- yet for some loophole his dreams keep slipping away. A South American tycoon, an NBA famous player, famous author, even president of the US, Elliot will try anything for Allison to realize his affections


  • Brendan Fraser as Elliot Richards
  • Elizabeth Hurley as The Devil
  • Frances O’Connor as Alison/ Nicole
  • Miriam Shor as Carol/ Penthouse
  • Orlando Jones as Daniel/ Danny/ Dan/ Esteban/ Beach Jock/ Lamar/ Dr. Ngegitigegitibaba
  • Paul Adelstein as Bob/ Roberto/ Beach Jock/ Bob Bob
  • Gabriel Casseus as Elliot’s Cellmate
  • Julian Firth as John Wilkes Booth

Directed by:  Harold Ramis

Rating:  PG-13 for sex-related humor, language and some drug content.