• Publication date: April 24, 2012


A group of college students go camping and are terrorized by a recently awakened banshee.

When Jack (Kevin Shea) unearths a dilapidated Plymouth on his land, he has unknowingly stumbled upon the cocoon of a horrible beast.  His wife is the creature's first victim, while Jack's nephew, Rocker (David McCarthy) helps keep the monster at bay by using his musical prowess.


In parallel a group of college kids arrive at a camping ground nearby; they too soon meet the banshee, whose terrifying shriek means death is imminent.  The few students who manage to survive the monster's wrath eventually meet Jack and Rocker; together they plot todestroy the creature -- or at least die trying.




  • Ashley Bates
  • David McCarthy
  • Kevin Shea
  • Kerry McGann
  • Iris McQuillan-Grace
  • Troy Walcott