• Publication date: March 31, 2011

Başka Dilde Aşk Başka Dilde Aşk

Zeynep (Saadet Aksoy) works alongside her misogynist boyfriend, Aras (Emre Karayel) at a ...

Zeynep (Saadet Aksoy) works alongside her misogynist boyfriend, Aras (Emre Karayel) at a Turkish call center. The wages are low, the working hours are long, and the customers are rude; the situation is worsened by the center's unsympathetic and relentlessly bothersome supervisor, who just happens to be Aras. Zeynep is growing tiresome of her boyfriend/manager's selfish ways, and eventually ends the relationship. Since he is also her roommate, however, avoiding him is not an easy task, especially when he insists on waking Zeynep before dawn with blaring music. She soon finds refuge from an unlikely source. One night while enjoying a drink at the bar she encounters Onur (Mert Firat), a sweet and handsome fellow who is mysteriously quiet. Zeynep is fascinated by her new companion; when her friends reveal that Onur's silence is the result of being deaf, she falls deeper in love with him, insisting that a man who never speaks is her perfect match. Indeed there is a strong chemistry between the two, one that leads to sex later that night. Any chance that Aras had of winning Zeynep's affection back is now crushed. Though Onur and Zeynep may seem to be polar opposites, they both share a turbulent upbringing. Zeynep helplessly watches her mother receive calls from her dad's mistress, while Onur's father abandoned him in shame at an early age. As a side story, a man named Kamuran (Tugrul Tulek) lives in the apartment below Onur, who is battling a traumatic past of his own. Despite Onur's innocent looks and generally gentle demeanor he has an uncontrollable temper, one that nearly ends his relationship with Zeynep. He is extremely protective of his new love, and interprets any hostility toward her as a reason to react violently. When Onur unleashes his anger upon a policeman, and destroys a workers' rights rally Zeynep organized, the relationship appears to be over -- though it may be a therapeutic and positive experience in the end. Başka Dilde Aşk received critical acclaim across the world and in Turkey. The film earned the distinction of being the first Turkish film ever screened at the Greek Cypriot festival. It also won two awards at the Ankara International Film Festival and another nomination at the Canada International Film Festival.