• Publication date: July 30, 2014

Attack Of The Gryphon

Enemies need a common foe, in order to unite. Exactly what happen to the rival Warriors, princess Amelia, and prince Seth!

  • Publication date: July 30, 2014

Attack Of The Gryphon

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2007

MBC 2:

August 4, 2014 19:00 (KSA) ~ August 4, 2014 18:00 (CLT)

Set in a fantasy far away Kingdome, where a princess Warrior lives with her father the King. All seems calm and peaceful, until a rival clan decides to rage war, led by Prince Seth, a charismatic son of the opposing clan. Both armies are not willing to give up and a war is declared. However, the King made a huge mistake when he asked the Warlock Armand, to release a giant flying dragon. Needless to say that things quickly escalated out of hand, with Armand, plotting an evil scheme to overthrow the king. Having no other option, Princess Amelia must put her disdain for Prince Seth on the side, and team up in order to have a fighting chance. It’s a beginning.

An entertaining fantasy adventure, set in an enchanting Kingdome, still inhabited by evil warlocks and flying dragons. Another fairy tale, to tell us, that everything is possible, even defeating flying dragons.




  • Jonathan LaPaglia - Prince Seth of Delphi
  • Larry Drake - Sorcerer Armand
  • Amber Benson - Princess Amelia of Lockland
  • Andrew Pleavin - David
  • Douglas Roberts - General Gorwin
  • Ashley Artus - Gerard
  • Sarah Douglas - Queen Cassandra of Delphi
  • Amy Gillespie - Daphne
  • Simone Levin - Kyra
  • Adrian Pintea - King Phillip of Lockland
  • Stephan Velniciuc - General Orina
  • Ciprian Dumitrascu - Lock
  • Vlad Jacob - Delphus
  • Radu Andrei Micu - Sir Patrick of Delphi


Directed by: Andrew Prowse