• Publication date: May 5, 2011

Asmali Konak: Hayat Asmali Konak: Hayat

The television series Asmali Konak took Turkey by storm, captivating the entire country ...

The television series Asmali Konak took Turkey by storm, captivating the entire country whose viewers eagerly awaited each week's episode. Its popularity quickly spread to other countries, including the Middle East via MBC. Asmali Konak, which translates to The Mansion with Vines, follows the Karadağ family and the events within their immaculate Cappadocia estate. The focal characters are husband and wife Seymen (Özcan Deniz) and Bahar Karadağ (Nurgül Yeşilçay); Seymen met Bahar while studying abroad in America, and subsequently married her and returned to Turkey. While the television series covered the happenings following Bahar and Seymen's engagement, the movie coincides with the program's final episode, and serves as a grand conclusion to the entire series. Fans of David Lynch will likely enjoy the film's disjointed, non-sequential storytelling that causes viewers to draw multiple conclusions throughout the picture. When the film begins it is revealed that Bahar has recently succumbed to cancer, and is returning to America with her husband to seek specialized treatment in New York. Shockingly, however, she has entered a coma after being shot in the head; more problematic is that there is no witness to the shooting, and Seymen is nowhere to be found. Seymen does eventually appear, living secretly amongst the homeless with a scraggly beard and long hair. He also seems to be severely traumatized and only comforted by his pet dog and a young homeless girl. The families make an abrupt trip to New York and hire a private detective to locate Seymen; once found, a psychologist attempts to unravel what exactly happened the night of Bahar's murder, and utilizes some arguably unethical means to do so. Asmali Konak: Hayat was nominated for a Golden Pyramid at the Cairo International Film Festival. The picture spent a total of 22 weeks at Turkish box offices, attracting over a million moviegoers. Rating: Contains strong language and brief scenes of sexuality.