• Publication date: March 3, 2011

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For decades Ismail (Zeki Alasya) and his brother Miran (Altan Erkekli) operated shops ...

For decades Ismail (Zeki Alasya) and his brother Miran (Altan Erkekli) operated shops in a modest marketplace, managing to support their families with the profits. Many other occupants resided there as well, such as an eccentric mannequin designer, tailor, and a quirky teashop owner who caters to the building's proprietors. As a running joke, many of his customers avoid payment; in one instance a group of men claimed that since they liked their tea light, they should receive a 50% discount. Most of the shop owners are in their sixties, and have worked beside one another for decades. The building is more than a shopping center, but a sort of multigenerational family of merchants. One day Ismail receives a visit from a businessman named Erdogan (Altan Gördüm), alongside his pompous bodyguard Bilal (Yosi Mizrahi). Erdogan informs Ismail that he has purchased the building, and plans to demolish it to construct a modern, fancy mall. Its occupants have one month to vacate, or else face a forced eviction. The shopkeepers are shocked. Before the building's landlord passed away, its occupants were assured that the property would not be seized by anyone else. Erdogan likely bought the complex through a legal loophole, and has no interest in protecting its occupants' interests. Later that day on the rooftop Miran, Ismail, and the other storeowners ponder how to avoid eviction. After they notice a picture of Erdogan's beautiful daughter in the newspaper, they concoct an ingenious scheme. Ali (Tolgahan Sayisman), Ismail's playboy son, plans to woo Gözde (Bergüzar Korel) and subsequently convince her father to halt the demolition. At first Ali is reluctant, promising his current girlfriend absolute loyalty, but when he sees Gözde's face he cannot resist. With help from the shopkeepers Ali travels to Gözde's town and attends a charity event; Gözde is an environmental activist raising funds to protect Turkey's forests. He bids 21,000 LE, impresses Erdogan's daughter, and eventually lands a date with her. Soon, however, Ali begins to genuinely fall in love with Gözde, and the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately he has told his sweetheart a stack of lies to win her affection and is certain she would run away upon his confession. Somehow, he must either make a clean break from this magnificent woman or win her heart through honesty. Regardless of the outcome, Ali's Uncle Miran inspires his nephew to pursue what may be a once in a lifetime chance at love.