• Publication date: August 7, 2011

American Shaolin

An American travels to China to become a Shaolin fighter.

  • Publication date: August 7, 2011

American Shaolin

Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 1992

MBC 2:

August 17, 2012 06:00 (KSA) ~ August 17, 2012 05:00 (CLT)

Drew Carson (Reese Madigan) believes he has been trained in the ancient art of Shaolin kung Fu, though he later learns that his teacher was a fraud.  After being humiliated in a match against fellow American fighter Trevor Gottitall (Trent Bushey), Carson resolves to travel to China and study with true Shaolin masters.


Once in China the Shaolin are skeptical of his ability, and at first deny him entrance into the temple.  After forming a relationship with his love interest, Ashena (Alice Zhang Hung) and an old monk named San De (Zhang Zhi Yen), Drew's dreams begin to come true. 


Directed by: Lucas Lowe




  • Reese Madigan
  • Kim Chan
  • Daniel Dae Kim
  • Trent Bushey
  • Alice Zhang Hung
  • Zhang Zhi Yen