• Publication date: June 17, 2009

Alpha Dog Alpha Dog

At the age of 20, Johnny Truelove Hollywood became the youngest man to ...

At the age of 20, Johnny Truelove Hollywood became the youngest man to ever grace the 'FBI's Most Wanted' list. Floating down the passageways of San Gabriel Valley, California in the late 90s, his home was notorious as a haven for narcotic and sexual encounters. This small-time drug dealer's dream-time shatters, however, when one of his clients can't pay-up for the drugs he's taken. Jake Mazursky can't pay Hollywood the $1200 he owes, so Jesse and his posse decide to kidnap Jake's 15 year old brother Zack. Held as collateral till Jake can cough up the money, it's only a matter of time till the cops start collecting the threads and close in on Hollywood's whereabouts. Justin Timberlake produces an electrifying role as Frankie Ballenbacher - one of Johnny's tight circle of friends- along with Tiko 'TKO' Martinez, and Elvis Schmidt. Bruce Willis plays Sonny Truelove, Johnny's father and marijuana supplier, in a personal bid to contribute to his son's growing fortune. It seems, however, that 15-year-old Zack is in no rush to return to his brother. During his days in the company of Hollywood and his friends, Zack is enjoying the parties, loses his virginity and most significantly, is witnessed being held by Truelove's posse by more than 40 fellow partiers, drug customers, and random bystanders. But it's only a matter of time before the police pick up the scent and it all spirals out of control. In its opening weekend, "Alpha Dog" collected $6,412,775. It went on to total revenues of $15.2 million in the US and $30,774,935 worldwide over its six week release. This high-octane, non-linear crime drama thriller won the 2006 Young Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Performance [Ben Foster], as Justin Timberlake earned nominations to both the Teen Choice and MTV Awards for Breakthrough Performance as well. This movie is rated R for pervasive drug use, language, strong violence, sexuality and nudity.