• Publication date: March 31, 2012

Airport '77

A hijacked jumbo jet crashes into the ocean as its passengers wait for help.

The third installment of the Airport franchise introduces viewers to multimillionaire Philip Stevens (James Stewart), whose private Boeing 747 jet carries passengers to his exotic island estate.  Stevens' valuable art collection is also aboard the plane, and two hijackers intend to divert the flight midair to steal the paintings.


Just as the hijackers prepare to descend upon St. George Island and unload the art, copilot Bob Chambers (Robert Foxworth) collides with an offshore oilrig, destroying one of the plane's engines.  The aircraft subsequently smashes into the ocean and becomes submerged in water.  A rescue mission soon begins as the passengers' prospects grow dimmer.


Airport '77 was nominated for two Oscars.  Like its predecessors the picture was a box office success, garnering $30 million internationally -- $106 million when adjusted for inflation.


  • Jack Lemmon
  • Lee Grant
  • James Stewart