• Publication date: December 28, 2010

Air Strike

A retired helicopter pilot travels to Bulgaria to avenge his brother's death.

  • Publication date: December 28, 2010

Air Strike

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2002

MBC 2:

September 6, 2012 07:00 (KSA) ~ September 6, 2012 06:00 (CLT)

Years prior, a Bulgarian drug lord known as Ivan (IvayloGeraskov) murdered American helicopter pilot Ben Garret's brother.  Since then he's lived a secluded life chopping wood in the American wilderness, at least until a former commanding officer begs Garret to battle Ivan's thugs, the Tiger Guard in Bulgaria.

This is Ben's big chance to settle the score, though his rookie partner Charlie (Jennifer Gareis) is unable to thwart his capture from drug-running terrorists.  Despite torture and numerous beatings, the pilot is determined annihilate Ivan and his goons.


  • Robert Rusler
  • Jennifer Gareis
  • Benjamin Burdick
  • Fredric Lehne
  • Pepper Sweeney
  • IvayloGeraskov