• Publication date: May 26, 2011

Adam and the Devil Adam and the Devil

It is the beginning of Ramadan and a Turkish Imam by the name ...

It is the beginning of Ramadan and a Turkish Imam by the name of Hasan Hoca (Cem Özer) has arrived in a small Anatolian town, whose most notable attraction is its train station. The Imam's wife, Hacer (Nurgül Yeşilçay) and their daughter Fatmacık (Zeynep Deniz Özbay) accompany him. He has heard that the town is in need of someone to teach Qur'an and lead nightly prayers throughout the holy month, and so he selflessly volunteers. The townspeople first encounter the mysterious man before dawn, beautifully reciting the call to prayer and welcome him. While Hasan is no doubt a pious man he exhibits a strange coldness, even in his dealings with Fatmacık and Hacer. The villagers begin counting the days until the month's end not due to the difficulty of fasting, but to rid themselves of the Imam. Underneath Hasan's stoic exterior, however, lies a deeply hurt, troubled, though extremely gentle individual. Amidst Hacer's loneliness she attracts the attention of Adem (Firat Can Aydin), a young solider unafraid of romancing a married woman, much less one married to a religious man. Adem begins following Hacer, and eventually attempts to force himself upon her; she halfheartedly resists his advances, but in time their rendezvous become public knowledge. Inevitably, Hasan catches wind of Adem's intentions and his wife's inappropriate behavior. Yet the Imam and his wife are hiding a troubling secret, one that essentially refutes the town's negative perception of them. The secret has been following Hasan and Hacer throughout their marriage, and in part explains their unannounced stay. In the end audiences are forced to reexamine their beliefs regarding morality, forgiveness, and kindness. Adam and the Devil was nominated for best film at the Istanbul International Film Festival.