• Publication date: February 25, 2010

Aa Dekhen Zara Aa Dekhen Zara

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Photographer Ray (Neil Nitin Mukesh of JOHNNY GADDAAR), down on his luck after ...

Photographer Ray (Neil Nitin Mukesh of JOHNNY GADDAAR), down on his luck after his camera is stolen by jungle warlords, inherits a miraculous old camera from his grandfather. It’s not much use as a tool of Ray’s trade, since the photographs he develops in the red light of his darkroom reveal their subjects in future situations, not as they were when he captured the images. But the camera brings other rewards: after secretly photographing his sultry neighbor, club DJ Simi (Bipasha Basu, making the most of many teeny-tiny outfits), Ray is able to save her from a gunman, and love blooms between the pair. Ray’s financial straits make their first date excruciating, but when he starts snapping photos of tomorrow’s lottery numbers and racetrack results, he soon needs all his empty cupboard space to store rubber-banded stacks of cash. Into this idyll a villain must come, and Captain (Rahul Dev)--who shoots first and then sits down by the corpse to read comic books--does not disappoint. Now on the run with the sought-after camera, Ray and Simi scour photos for clues and wonder whether their future is predetermined or if it can change. Ray and Simi’s desperate flight takes them from Mumbai to Bangkok, through double-crosses and encounters with double agents, from airplanes to hotel rooftops and a gangsters’ hideout. But when the armed thugs, joined by Simi in a fedora and a troupe of waitresses in red-and-white cheerleader outfits, launch into a delirious happy-hour dance