• Publication date: July 17, 2011

Wimbledon Wimbledon

Lizzie Bradbury is an up and coming young tennis player with an overprotective ...

Lizzie Bradbury is an up and coming young tennis player with an overprotective father. Pete Colt is a former tennis star ready to throw in the towel before his career hits rock bottom. Together the two form an unexpected relationship providing each other with the emotional support and love to fuel their eventual success. Pete Colt’s career in tennis was quite respectable; while he was never awarded a title at Wimbledon he was ranked the eleventh best tennis player in the world, no small feat. No longer the young man he used to be, Pete is ready to announce his retirement to an extremely uninterested press. The public's attention is now on Lizzie, an attractive young American girl expected to take the tennis world by storm. Her father, Dennis is her manager and mentor, trailing her and ensuring that she never waivers from the path of success. Lizzie and Pete’s first encounter is rather unconventional. The pair is staying in the same hotel, along with many other Wimbledon participants and spectators. While searching for his room Pete becomes confused and accidentally wanders into Lizzie’s suite, where he finds the young tennis player taking a shower. Surprisingly calm, Lizzie uses the incident as a excuse to introduce herself, and subsequently establish an unofficial date. It works and they are soon an unofficial couple, snuggling, holding hands and spending intimate time together. But as time passes Lizzie and Pete’s fling turns into something more serious as Lizzie starts developing an emotional attachment to her newfound man. Dennis starts to fear that Lizzie will shift her focus from tennis to romance. Pete, a wildcard pick, is reinvigorated by the sight of Lizzie in the stands, and begins winning a series of matches that rocket him to the top of the tournament. With the genuine possibility of a comeback, Pete’s former sleazy, cell-phone-obsessed publicist tracks down his past client, eager to resume relations. Unfortunately Dennis’ worst fears come to realization; obsessed with Pete rather than the competition, Lizzie is quickly eliminated from the tournament and blames Pete for her downfall. Yet the two cannot deny the strong feelings that exist between them and must eventually come to terms with them, even if Lizzie has lost at Wimbledon. “Wimbledon” features a number of real-life tennis pros on its set, including eighties superstar John McEnroe. This film is rated PG-13 for language, sexuality and partial nudity.