• Publication date: February 13, 2012

What About Bob?

An obsessed patient follows his psychologist on a vacation as laughs ensue.

  • Publication date: February 13, 2012

What About Bob?

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1991

MBC Max:

January 20, 2013 17:00 (KSA) ~ January 20, 2013 16:00 (CLT)

Bob Wiley suffers from a plethora of mental illnesses. 

Every psychologist he has met eventually grows tired of Wiley, who becomes repeatedly obsessed with each new doctor. 

Best-selling author Leo Marvin is Bob's newest shrink, who cuts their first appointment short to begin his vacation.

But Wiley is already far too attached to Leo, and trails the psychologist to his vacation home. 

Marvin's family thinks Bob is a great guy, but Leo is jealous when he becomes the center of attention that refuses to go away. 

A covert war begins between the two men, which slowly transforms into a full-blown meltdown.   


  • Bill Murray
  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • Julie Hagerty
  • Charlie Korsmo
  • Kathryn Erbe
  • Tom Aldredge
  • Susan Willis

Directed by: Frank Oz