• Publication date: July 22, 2012

Walker Payne

A small-town father is forced to make a heartbreaking decision in order to save his two daughters.

  • Publication date: July 22, 2012

Walker Payne

Program data

Duration: 115

Production Year: 2006

MBC Max:

September 13, 2012 02:35 (KSA) ~ September 13, 2012 01:35 (CLT)

It's 1957 and Walker Payne is a womanising-alcoholic who is trying to be good for the sake of his two daughters after divorcing his wife.

Like most of the men in town, Payne works in a nearby coal mine and when the mine suddenly closes, jobs become impossible to find.

Things get worse when his ex-wife demands $5,000 or she will take custody of their children and he'll never see them again.

Soon Syrus, a charming but unscrupulous man, offers Payne big money to give up his pooch for an illegal dog-fight, in which he may die.

Can Payne sacrifice his dog to maintain custody of his daughters?


  • Jason Patric
  • Bill McCreight
  • Jon Stafford
  • Michael Harding
  • Sylvia Jefferies
  • Carl McIntyre

Directed by: Matt Williams

Rating: R for language, some sexuality and disturbing images