• Publication date: May 20, 2010

Prison & Persecution In The Name Of Love Even After 20 Years Apart, Their Love Cannot Die

Famed Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan depicts Veer Pratap Singh, a Sikh member of India�s Air Force in 2004�s �Veer-Zaara.�

Famed Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan depicts Veer Pratap Singh, a Sikh member of India�s Air Force in 2004�s �Veer-Zaara.� Through his duties as a rescue worker he encounters Zaara Haayat Khan (Preity Zinta), a young Pakistani girl who luckily survived a horrific bus crash. Their first encounter was not so flattering: Zaara was fussing over a lost piece of luggage, something Veer perceived to be incredibly superficial given the magnitude of the crash.

Veer did not know, however, that the young lady�s bag contained the ashes of her beloved surrogate mother � whom she referred to as Bebe. On Bebe�s deathbed she asked Zaara to spread her ashes along an Indian river, the same river where her ancestors� ashes were deposited. Upon learning this Veer felt compassion for Zaara, and offered to take her to India with him so Bebe�s wish could be fulfilled.

Once there Zaara had a wonderful time as she explored the region with her newfound Indian friend. While tension would ordinarily exist between Pakistanis and Indians, Veer�s parents were liberal and accepting of Zaara, and even provided lodging. When it was time for the girl to return home however, both realized that something special had developed between them, and that parting may be difficult.

Feeling miserable and lonesome, Veer abruptly abandons his position in the Air Force and travels to Pakistan to find Zaara. Despite the cultural taboo of a Sikh marrying a Muslim, the two are insistent upon marriage. Unfortunately she is already engaged to Raza Shirazi (Manoj Bajpai), a marriage arranged by her father for political purposes.

When it is discovered that a girl of Zaara�s social status is associating, much less considering marrying an Indian, outrage occurs. Her family is terrified that others will discover her infatuation with Veer, and bring shame upon the prestigious Haayat Khan family. In rage, Raza has Veer falsely imprisoned for espionage and he is soon sent to jail.

Twenty years later Rani Mukerji (Saamiya Siddiqui) steps onto the scene, an up and coming Pakistani attorney with a keen interest in human rights. Convinced of Veer�s innocence she schedules a meeting with him in prison, though he initially refuses to utter even a word. Eventually he does talk though, and over the course of a few days Rani learns the prisoner�s story from beginning to end.

While Veer is unconvinced that anyone can help him, the idealistic Rani remains confident, despite odds being against her as a female attorney. Even worse, she is arguing against a lawyer who has never lost a case in his long career.

Showing on: MBC MAX

Year: 2004

Duration: 192 mins

Genre: Drama/Musical/Romance


Shahrukh Khan

Preity Zinta

Rani Mukherjee

Kiron Kher

Divya Dutta

Direct by: Yash Chopra