• Publication date: April 14, 2010

Under Siege Under Siege

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Under Siege is an action film about a former SEAL, who is now ...

Under Siege is an action film about a former SEAL, who is now a cook, who finds himself as the only one who can stop a gang of terrorists when they seize control of a US Navy battleship. The battleship USS Missouri is about to be decommissioned from service after a visit from George Bush. When Bush departs the vessel, a band of terrorists overcome the remaining skeleton crew and take over the ship, under the ruse of holding a surprise birthday party for the ship's commander, Captain Adams. The band is led by Strannix, a disgruntled ex-CIA operative, and his right-hand man, the psychotic Krill. The terrorists plan to steal the ship's store of nuclear warheads, transfer them to a stolen North Korean submarine, and sell them to a Middle Eastern country. Unfortunately for Strannix, he has overlooked the ship's cook, Casey Ryback. Ryback is a much-honored Navy SEAL who, because of a minor scandal, is quietly completing his twenty-year tour in the galley of the Missouri. Forced into action, Ryback, along with the woman who jumped out of Captain Adams' birthday cake, knocks off the bad guys one-by-one while crawling inside the bowels of the ship. This movie is rated R.