• Publication date: June 29, 2010

Two Grooms and a Wedding Two Grooms and a Wedding

Max is a struggling keyboard player who, along with his band, has been ...

Max is a struggling keyboard player who, along with his band, has been hired to perform at his former girlfriend’s wedding. Though the two parted ways some time ago, Max still loves Lisa, and it seems the feeling is mutual, and although Lisa is happy with her fiancé, Bobby Benigni, she clearly still has feelings for Max and continues to fight her desires throughout the evening. During the film viewers meet the couple’s eccentric family members, including Lisa’s overbearing Jewish mother, Sylvia and Bobby’s adulterous dad, Gino. As a subplot the bride’s best friend, Sybil has a devastating secret to tell Lisa: that she slept with Bobby the previous night. For hours Sybil debates whether or not to reveal the incident, and relentlessly rehearses various apologies in the bathroom mirror. Other quirky characters include the questionably devout Father O'Rdeal, portrayed by deceased comedian Dom DeLuise, and his baseball-obsessed Jewish counterpart, Rabbi Manny Shevitz. A mysterious, presumed bachelor named Vic DeMann remains docked at the open bar, repeatedly attempting to woo each female that approaches. Vic’s quest goes dangerously awry midway through the film, when he mistakenly flirts with a mobster’s Italian-born niece. Perhaps the sanest character of all is Lisa’s father, Irving, who dons a hideous sky-blue suit. There is also Ginger, the band’s transvestite drummer who performs a sporadic, heavy metal style drum solo during Hava Nagila. Jewish/Italian idiosyncrasies are constantly on display, as both the Benignis and Weinsteins lament their past experiences, while sharing both the joy and pain of Bobby and Lisa’s big day.