• Publication date: May 18, 2014

Train Quest

A 15 years old model train fanatic’s perfect date with his dream girl, suddenly takes an abrupt turn into a surreal threatening territory.

  • Publication date: May 18, 2014

Train Quest

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2001

MBC Max:

May 24, 2014 15:00 (KSA) ~ May 24, 2014 14:00 (CLT)

August (Donnie Biggs) is a fifteen years old boy with an obsession for model trains, on a date with his dream girl, Ellen (Tanya Garrett). He decides to take her to his favorite store, of course, a Model train shop. However, their visit suddenly takes a very unexpected turn, when a mysterious storeowner shrinks them, trapping them in a Model train set environment. A little bit more than he was aiming for. Now, both might race against time, to find a way out of their imprisonment, and back to the “normal” world.

An amusing fantasy adventure for the whole family; A film about first loves, and the troubled trek between childhood and adulthood. Buy your train ticket, for a ride of a life time!


  • Donnie Biggs as August
  • Tanya Garrett as Ellen
  • Cristina Irimia as Mr. Dalby
  • Paul keith as Pavel Landros
  • Jason Dohring as Joseph
  • Shanie Calahan as Girl
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Billy
  • Ruxandra Sireteanu as Mrs. dalby
  • Gabriel Spahiu as Business man

 Directed by: Jeffrey Porter